Spoon Finland offers premium strategy services to help clients reach their goals. We understand that any strategy is only a snapshot in time that changes as internal and external variables evolve. Changes in internal capabilities, the business environment and global trends all call for ongoing strategy adjustments and related updates to programmes and campaigns.

Brand Marketing Strategy

How do you ensure your brand stands out in a crowded marketplace? We work with you to identify key audiences and market segments. We turn technical jargon into easy-to-digest selling points to create an engaging and powerful brand story that supports your business goals.

Employer Branding Strategy

What sets your firm apart from others in your industry and how can you communicate your special advantage to the most attractive talents in your industry? We help you craft compelling stories that ensure you get noticed by the right people.

Impact strategy

What’s the footprint your firm wants to leave in the communities in which you operate? We help you think about and communicate your company’s role in influencing real change on issues that are important to your stakeholders.

Social media distribution strategy

No content strategy is complete without a coherent plan to distribute assets to target audiences via relevant social media channels. Which channels are best suited to your audience and message? And most importantly, how does your content measure up against the targets you’ve set? We ensure you have answers to these questions!