What Finland's B2B marketing decision makers are thinking in 2021

Published Oct. 14, 2021, 6:27 a.m. by Spoon Finland

Spoon Finland surveyed B2B marketers across a range of industries and found that apart from budgets and content formats, they also had an eye on content marketing strategies.

The second year of the global pandemic has had an extraordinary effect on business, and especially on the people responsible for communicating about business, marketing decision makers. Spoon set out to understand what that effect was in a study of more than 200 firms across several industries in Finland. Working with market research firm Kantar TNS, we conducted a study, which revealed that marcomms decision makers tended to rely more on content marketing to reach target audiences and that they were keen to spend more, to experiment with different kinds of formats to get their message across.

Spotty strategy landscape

When it came to content marketing strategies, however, the findings were more mixed. The data suggested that while the overall picture suggested that companies in the B2B space were serious about leading their comms efforts with a strategy, smaller firms were more likely to have defined strategies for content marketing and social media distribution. The divide was even more striking than it appeared on the surface, with responses indicating that while half of firms with 55 -99 employees said they had a defined strategy, less then five percent of firms with more than 1,000 staffers made the same claim. It seems that content marketing strategists like us at Spoon have our work cut out for us!

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