Podcast: What’s in a meme?

Published Dec. 21, 2021, 7:51 a.m.

As we enter the age of the expanded social universe, will memes continue to be relevant? Will they give firms the potential to gain viral reach and engagement? Meme maker Joel Willans of Very Finnish Problems fame shares his views on Spoon Finland’s Context Matters podcast.

Everyone wants to achieve the star power that memes promise, but what’s in a meme? Joel Willans, the force behind the highly popular Very Finnish Problems meme production line, joins host Denise Wall on Context Matters to discuss the dos and don’ts of creating memes.

Listen as Willans recounts his journey to becoming a master of memes, and how brands can leverage the power of memes to expand their audiences and impact. He also discusses why memes may be a winning strategy for firms struggling to grow their audiences in pay to play social media platforms, and what they could look like in the next iteration of online social interaction, the metaverse.

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Context Matters is a podcast produced by Spoon Finland, a part of the People People People agency network.

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