Podcast: Is content still king?

Published Nov. 30, 2021, 8:12 a.m. by Spoon Finland

It's clear that content marketing has become more sophisticated over the past 25 years. Context Matters host Denise Wall sat down with Spoon co-founder Anders Ribba to discuss how marketers can make content that stands out in today’s era of digital noise.

25 years ago Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates issued a statement that still resonates today, especially in the realm of content marketing, “Content is king.” Today, however, marketers are creating content in a dynamic and fast-changing environment where, as guest Anders Ribba puts it, “everyone is a content creator".

According to Ribba, CEO of the People People People agency network of which Spoon Finland is a member, the key to high-performance and relevant content is in controlling the entire production chain, from strategy to content production, distribution and channel management – and of course ensuring that content can make a difference.

Listen to the full podcast for more insights.

Context Matters is a podcast produced by Spoon Finland, a part of the People People People agency network.

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