Podcast: Content marketing trends to watch in 2022

Published Jan. 25, 2022, 10:31 a.m. by Spoon Finland

What will shape content marketing in 2022? Spoon Finland’s Craig Houston, Payal Bhattar and Sini-Maria Melanen analyse the impact of trends such as personalisation, the use of data, purpose and the expanded social universe.

Like time, content marketing never stands still, and in 2022, major trends are set to have an outsize impact on how B2B companies communicate with their stakeholders.

This episode of Context Matters brings together Spoon Finland editors and trend trackers Craig Houston, Payal Bhattar and Sini-Maria Melanen as they dissect developments such as the rise of data, personalisation, the importance of purpose and the expanded social universe and how they will influence marketers and their clients.

Listen as they sketch out the landscape for content marketing in the year ahead and what it all means for brands aiming for meaningful conversations with their stakeholders. Check out the full podcast with host Denise Wall for more insights.

Context Matters is a podcast produced by Spoon Finland, a part of the People People People agency network.

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