Amplifying the voices of unsung heroes

Published June 14, 2023, 1:17 p.m. by Asa Butcher

From Silence to Impact: Amplifying Expert Voices_Asa
Join me on a journey to amplify the voices of unsung heroes, shedding light on their remarkable work through thought leadership articles.

What doesn’t get talked about enough in your line of work?

This is the question I regularly pose to the unsung heroes working diligently in their respective fields. Whether researchers, scientists, professors, engineers, technologists, innovators, developers or managers, their expertise, awareness and hard work are crucial in propelling Earth towards a greener, more sustainable and optimistic future.

Each possesses a wealth of valuable insights and unique perspectives that deserve to be highlighted and shared with a broader audience. Providing this exposure has always been one of the primary pleasures of my job as a journalist and writer over the years and remains so with Spoon Finland.

After describing this passion for amplifying expert voices to a colleague, it felt natural to write a blog exploring my writing process, the impact I strive for and the significance of thought leadership articles. So, here it is.

Making Complex Subjects Accessible

Looking back to college, where this love first began, I recall a short documentary we were making about an elderly family friend who ran marathons to raise money for cancer research following the heart-breaking loss of three wives to the disease. The one-on-one interview left my crew and me drying our eyes, instilling a personal desire to do his story justice.

The desire to do justice for the interviewee by sharing their passion, whatever it may be, with the world, has stayed. With Spoon, I’m helping elevate experts working behind the scenes to trusted sources of knowledge, raising awareness of their work and fostering a better understanding of emerging trends, technologies and sustainable practices.

With each new brief or assignment, you begin with a superficial knowledge (if lucky) and a deep dive into the subject. The deeper you go, the more you start irritating colleagues, friends and family with endless ‘did you know’ facts. To achieve that, I’m always playing the role of “expert”.

In the past year, I have dived into many fascinating topics, ranging from UX/UI design and cloud development to Generative AI, 3D printing, autonomous mining, Extended Producer Responsibility, permanent inflation, barrier paper grades, and countless others. The breadth of knowledge I've acquired is overwhelming, yet my brain can frustratingly only retain a minute fraction.

The research phase informs the preparation of the interview questions. This process is driven by a combined fear of accidentally asking the ‘dumbest question’ and the egotistical desire to elicit an ‘oh, good question’ response – it often means the final question list is being tweaked minutes before the interview begins.

Whether interviewing internal or external individuals for thought leadership articles, one of the most rewarding aspects is unlocking shy and reticent individuals' voices, helping them realise the insights and perspectives they can offer the world. I remember one expert happily exclaiming in their feedback, “You made me look so good!”

Infusing Journalism into Marketing Communications

Whether discussing products, services, initiatives or taking a bird’s-eye view of the issues impacting their field, it is satisfying to distil complex subjects into easily digestible content – of course, the bonus satisfaction is adhering to restrictive word counts. Presenting experts’ knowledge in a relatable and engaging manner bridges the gulf between technical jargon and accessibility, which should be the aim of all marketing communications.

Sharing the final published content on LinkedIn adds a final layer of satisfaction and impact. The platform provides a powerful outlet to connect and expand our networks within different fields of interest, so tagging and following interviewees opens doors to exciting opportunities, catalyses ideation and sparks new collaborations for me.

Infusing marketing communications with a journalistic flair is at the heart of what we do at Spoon Finland. Being part of an approach that strives to combine a professional's expertise with storytelling skills never gets dull and results in compelling narratives that captivate readers and make complex topics more accessible.

As a content producer, I find great fulfilment in amplifying the voices of unsung heroes to share their knowledge and experiences because their contributions can drive transformative change. While it may sound somewhat hyperbolic, I am thrilled to play my part.

If you share my enthusiasm, connect with Spoon Finland on LinkedIn to stay updated on thought leadership articles. Contact us to start a collaboration that can positively impact our respective fields.