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When Wärtsilä launched its new content hub in August 2016, we designed a solution that would not only increase traffic to its website but also project Wärtsilä as a thought leader. To do this, we bet on contextual storytelling. We started producing stories that focused on industry-relevant topics and worked on cementing Wärtsilä’s position in the big picture.

As the audience began to grow, we knew we had to retain then. The key was to be consistent yet different. We started by publishing one story every week on a certain day to maintain regularity. We differentiated our content by producing context-driven stories that featured both independent experts and Wärtsilä experts. Our stories mapped different geographies, latched on to news trends, and had a journalistic edge. By introducing different content formats (articles, videos, infographics, photo essays) we raised the bar and appealed to unique choices of the target groups. In a few months, the website became a thriving ecosystem of engaging content. 

We used our news desk model to scale up content production and created a bank of stories that helped us publish more frequently. From one story every week, we went on to publish 3-5 stories a week! This ongoing, always-on approach helped Wärtsilä build its own audience.

To further improve reach and engagement we designed Wärtsilä’s social media strategy and distributed content on social channels with a paid budget, on a monthly basis, to make sure we reached the right target groups.


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Asha Gopalkrishnan

Chief Operating Officer

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