Raising awareness about elderly care in Finland

To increase awareness of their elderly care solution in Finland, AddSecure turned to Spoon. Using a combination of contextual storytelling and eye-catching social media assets, we crafted a campaign to remember.

The challenge

AddSecure is a European provider of secure IoT connectivity solutions. To improve the safety of elderly people living at home in Finland, the company wanted to increase the knowledge of their safety phone, safety watch and 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre solutions. Additionally, they wanted to engage with key stakeholders in Finland’s municipalities about the country’s health and social services reform (Sote-uudistus) which would come into force in 2023 and explain why their solutions were already compliant with it.

The solution

Spoon designed a targeted and informative social media campaign that effectively showed how AddSecure’s solutions would complement existing elder care access and how its solutions were already compliant with the Sote-uudistus, making it a reliable partner for Finland’s municipalities and elder care organisations.

The campaign was deployed over a 4-month period in the fall of 2022 with content being produced in Finnish. It relied on eye-catching social media content to reach audiences, and informative articles to retain and enlighten them. The social media assets included a variety of formats ranging from animated infographics to social media carousels and fact cards to provide information on AddSecure’s solutions at a glance. The articles were deeply researched with facts provided by external experts such as the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, as well as AddSecure’s experts. Four different perspectives/angles on the health and social services reform and its effects were presented, providing municipalities, welfare regions, private sector operators and end users with a nuanced view and allowing them to take more informed decisions on how to increase the quality of elder care.

The outcome

The articles were hosted on AddSecure’s websites and and the social media assets were distributed on the company’s social media channels, with AddSecure stakeholders engaging with the content.

The campaign succeeded in creating awareness of AddSecure's expertise and solutions in Finland while strengthening the company’s status as an expert in this field.

Furthermore, post the social-media campaign, AddSecure has been able to use the content to reach out to different stakeholders to continue educating them on their solutions and expertise.

"People from Spoon Finland were all really nice, proactive and professional. Spoon was very customer-oriented and delivered on time as promised. I think the content turned out good and I was especially happy with the social media content pieces."
Maija Vierimaa, Marketing Manager, AddSecure

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