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High Rise

To create awareness about KONE’s new high-rise offering, we designed a 3-pronged approach to Inform, Inspire, and Influence KONE’s target groups on social channels and drive traffic to KONE’s high-rise webpage. Our main anchor concept was a documentary series aimed at projecting thought leadership & helping KONE own the conversation about rethinking high-rises. The idea was to use the series to draw audiences to KONE’s virtual event.

The 3-part docu-series dissected the role of high-rises in residential buildings, offices, and cities – key spaces that have transformed in the wake of the pandemic. We strengthened narratives by interviewing futurists, urban planners, academics, and KONE experts and presenting a visionary view on high-rises. We also produced videos featuring KONE’s high-rise solutions & customer references to add weight to the campaign. In total, 13 video assets were deployed for the campaign, all of which received high engagement and kept the audience hooked. With due attention to tone of voice, we carefully crafted content for KONE’s high-rise webpage. Our creative approach connected vision with value, a winning strategy that yielded great results for the campaign

The campaign ran for a duration of four months. The objective, in the first phase, was to focus solely on generating as much interest and sign-ups as possible towards the virtual event, by bidding towards traffic & conversions in a sign-up phase. The second phase of the campaign was the actual event, which was populated through organic efforts. In the campaign’s final phase, the objective shifted towards driving awareness and a longer tail connected to the high-rise narrative, using new assets monthly and bidding for traffic as well as video views.

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Asha Gopalkrishnan

Chief Operating Officer

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