About us

What is Spoon?

Spoon Finland provides strategy and consulting services that cover marketing, branding, societal impact, content, and social media strategy as well as content production and distribution. We specialise in B2B storytelling and also work with B2C clients.

Our team of journalists and creative talents from different countries - Finland, India, the UK and China - bring objectivity and fact-based storytelling to corporate communications.

Spoon is the most-awarded content agency network in the Nordics. Founded in 1998 in Sweden, the Finnish office was established in 2014. Since then, we have been serving a diverse array of clients, including major enterprises operating in Finland, the Nordics, and globally. Our core team in Helsinki is backed by a global network of content contributors and media experts who can support our clients wherever they operate.

What we do

Our focus is on crafting strategies that ensure our clients reach their goals. We then create content across formats and distribute and measure performance to improve communication. We also work on social media campaigns and produce online events to help our clients enhance brand awareness and build new audiences.

At Spoon we understand that any strategy is only a snapshot in time that changes as internal and external variables evolve. Changes in internal capabilities, the business environment and global trends all call for ongoing strategy adjustments and related updates to programmes and campaigns. That’s what we call our 360-degree approach.